Who is Srini Pallia, New CEO of Wipro? lets know

Srini Pallia New CEO of Wipro : Srini Pallia has been selected as Wipro’s fresh Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. He’s been with Wipro since 1992 and has served in different top positions, such as President of Wipro’s Consumer Business Unit and Global Head of Business Application Services. Hey … Read more

Dave Myers Net Worth 2024 : Family, Children, Career, Cause of Death, All Details HERE !!

Dave Myers Net Worth 2024 : In a poignant announcement that has reverberated throughout the culinary community, it was revealed that Dave Myers, renowned as one-half of the beloved British cooking duo, the Hairy Bikers, has succumbed to cancer at the age of 66. The news of Myers’ passing has … Read more