$2700 for Seniors by CRA: 2nd Instalment Payments Dates, Eligibility & Latest News

The Canada Revenue Agency has now introduced a $2700 benefit for seniors to help alleviate some of the financial burdens and support the well-being of our older Canadians. This move is a very clear assertion of the government’s commitment to rendering financial support to older citizens, especially those living on minimalist incomes. Here is a comprehensive overview of eligibility criteria, payment dates, and how to claim this benefit.

The CRA has Launched a $2700 Assistance for seniors, Acknowledging the government’s commitment to providing financial support to older citizens, particularly those with limited incomes(Minimal Income Source). To provide a comprehensive understanding, this document outlines the eligibility criteria, payment dates, and instructions for claiming this benefit. The $2700 benefit for seniors introduced by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) highlights the government’s dedication to offer financial assistance to Aged individuals, specifically those with minimal incomes. Below is a detailed overview of the eligibility requirements, payment dates, and steps to claim this benefit.

$2700 Program Overview::

Funding byCanadian Government
Program NameGuaranteed Income Supplement
PaymentJune 2024
2nd Instalment Released DateJune 30, 2024
1st Instalment Released DateMarch 31, 2024
CategoryGovernment Financial Aid
Official Websitecanada.ca

$2700 Payment Dates June 2024

The CRA has set up the $2700 benefit to be paid over multiple periods in the calendar year. This implies that for this year, it would be as follows:

InstalmentPayment Dates
First InstalmentsMarch 31
Second InstalmentJune 30
Third InstalmentSeptember 30
Final InstalmentDecrmber 31

These installments are intended to spread the financial backing to seniors regularly during the year, thus enabling them to budget their money wisely.

What is the Eligibility to Claim $2700 for Seniors?

With regards to this $2700 benefit, there exist specified eligibility criteria which a senior needs to meet for the CRA. These are majorly:

Age Eligibility: Applicants must have attained the age of 65 years or above during the time of application.

Residency Status
: The eligible seniors ought to be citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Income Threshold: The benefit is aimed at low- to moderate-income seniors. Specific limits of income are set by the CRA, and it will be prudent for an applicant to ensure his or her incomes fall within the set limits.

Tax Filing: An applicant must have filed his last income tax return. In essence, his status concerning his income and residency, among other issues, are updated with the CRA.

Other Advantages: Seniors that have other federal benefits, such as the OAS—Old Age Security, or the GIS—Guaranteed Income Supplement, shall still be entitled but with a possible offset on the $2700 benefit by these same other benefits.

How to Claim the $2700 Benefit?

The procedure of claiming this $2700 is straightforward. The following steps are to be taken by seniors:

Check the Eligibility Criteria: Before applying, seniors should check if they are totally eligible. They can go to the website of the CRA or contact the department for any kind of clarification.

Gather Documentation: Seniors will need to provide supporting documentation to prove their eligibility. This includes age proof, residency status, income details, and such other required documents.

Download and fill in the application form:
You can download the application form for this $2700 from the CRA website. You can either fill it out online or download and fill in manually.

Submits the application: Completed application forms and supporting documents may be submitted logging onto the CRA’s secure portal online, or by mail, in person at any CRA office.

Wait for Confirmation: Upon submission of the application, the CRA will need some time to verify the information provided. In case of inadequate information, the CRA will request more from the applicant.

Start Receiving Payments: Following acceptance, the payment is included in the bank account of the applicant or issued as part of the cheque option, which is post-dated according to schedule needs.

Further Assistance

In aid of assisting elderly citizens through the application process, the CRA has instituted several support facilities. Some of these support programs include

CRA Website:
The CRA website provides information, different resources, and FAQs, and step-by-step instructions to guide applicants.

Telephone Support: The CRA operates a dedicated help line that can be contacted for assistance by applicants.

Community Programs:
There are available community-based programs where seniors can get necessary help in completing the application or understanding the benefits entitled to them.


The $2700 the CRA gives to senior citizens is a step in that direction for financial support for the elderly. Basically, identification of eligibility, notation of the dates of payment, and adherence to a relatively simple claim procedure are what it takes to have seniors partake in this very critical benefit boosting their financial stability and quality of life. More information and assistance can be found on the website of the CRA or by calling them directly with inquiries.


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