NZ Pension Increase 2024: What is the Increase Amount & Payment Dates

The Federal Government of New Zealand has recently updated the provisions in the Pension Scheme due to rising inflation and the increasing cost of living. The New Zealand Pension Increase for 2024 will provide $496 per month to single individuals and $381 per month to married couples. Additionally, the New Zealand Government has changed the retirement age from 65 to 67 years. For the payment schedule and other details, visit the official website at

Under the 2024 NZ Pension Increase rates, a single individual with shared benefits will receive a weekly pension rate of $458. A married civil union individual and their partner are each eligible for a weekly benefit rate of $381. Married civil union couples are eligible for a combined weekly pension benefit of $763. The pension amount will depend on individual eligibility and other qualifying factors.

NZ Pension Increase New Rates for 2024

As per the New Zealand Pension Increase New Rates for 2024, pensioners living alone will receive NZ super rates of $1,038 per fortnight, marking an increase of approximately $46 from the previous rate of $916. Couples living as citizens will now receive $799 per fortnight instead of $763. These Increased New Rates are based on the consumer price index, which has risen by 4.66% this year, compared to an increase of 7.2% last year. The New Zealand Government aims to support pensioners by adjusting the pension rates in response to the current economic conditions, ensuring that they can better cope with the rising cost of living.

NZ Pension Increase
NZ Pension Increase

NZ Pension Payment Release Dates 2024 

The New Zealand pension benefits are provided for well-developed health and other specialized facilities. The schedule of NZ pension payment dates can be downloaded from the official website and is also available on their web portal. Below is the schedule of NZ pension payment dates.

February 202413 and 27 February
March 202412 and 26 March 
April 202409 and 23 April
May 202407 and 21 May
June 202404 and 18 June
July 202402, 16 and 30 July
August 202413 and 27 August 
September 202410 and 24 September
October 202408 and 22 October
November 202405 and 19 November
December 202403, 17 and 31 December 

NZ Pension Increase Rate Eligibility Criteria

According to the NZ Pension Scheme, eligible individuals can benefit from the increased rates. To receive pension benefits, an individual must be 65 years old or older in official records. Immigrants who have been living in New Zealand for the past 10 years are also eligible for the NZ pension increase rate. In both cases, residents are required to provide evidence of residence to meet the eligibility criteria. After fulfilling the eligibility requirements, citizens need to log in to the MyMSD Portal to receive their payments.

NZ Pension Retirement Plan

The New Zealand Federal Government has implemented significant changes to the retirement plan and superannuation benefits under the NZ Pension Retirement Scheme. Unlike many countries, New Zealand does not have an official retirement age. Typically, citizens retire around 65 years old, but retirement pension calculations are based on the citizens’ tax returns from their last year of employment, coupled with 35 years of wage contributions from employers. There is no compulsory retirement age, and employers cannot enforce retirement based on their preferences.

Steps to Check NZ Increased Payment 2024

To ensure that eligible citizens have successfully received the benefits of the increased rates, follow these detailed steps:

STEP 1: Begin by visiting the Official Website of NZ Pension Payments available at

STEP 2: Once on the portal, navigate to locate the “Receive Payment” option.

STEP 3: Proceed by logging into the portal. You’ll need to provide essential personal details such as your name, category, and age.

STEP 4: Upon successful login, a new window will appear on your screen, presenting comprehensive details of both upcoming and previous payments.

STEP 5: If you have not yet registered on the official portal, you can initiate the process by signing up using your personal information. This will enable you to access a wide array of convenient online services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Official Website for NZ Pension Increased Rates 2024?

The Official Website for NZ Pension Increased Rates 2024 is

What is the Percentage of Increased Rates in the NZ Pension 2024?

The Percentage of Increased Rates under the NZ Pension 2024 is 4.66%.

What is the Mandatory Age of Retirement under the NZ Pension Scheme 2024?

There is no mandatory age of retirement under the NZ Pension Scheme 2024.

What is the Motive behind NZ Increased Pension Rates 2024?

The motive behind NZ’s increased pension rates is to support citizens in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle amidst rising inflation and cost of living.


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