Paris Olympics 2024, Full Schedule, Tickets, Dates & Qualifications, Ticket Prices

The 2024 Summer Olympics, also known as the Paris Olympics 2024, will be held in the upcoming months of July and August 2024. This prestigious multi-sport event is scheduled to begin on July 26, 2024. Paris is the host city, along with 16 other cities where various events will take place. These 16 major locations include Metropolitan France, Tahiti Island, and French Polynesia. For more detailed information about the Paris Olympics 2024, visit the official website at

The mascots for the Paris Olympics 2024 are Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge. These mascots are inspired by the Phrygian cap, symbolising the French Republic and its commitment to freedom. The Paralympic Phryge features a prosthesis and a racing blade. Paris will be the second city to host the Summer Olympics twice, following London. Paris previously hosted the Summer Olympics in 1924, marking a 100-year milestone with the 2024 Games.

The 2024 Summer Olympics will feature a total of 329 events across 32 sports, including 28 core Olympic sports. The medals for the Paris Olympics 2024 are designed by an elite French jeweler, Maison Chaumet.

Paris Olympics 2024 Overview

Name of Olympic Summer Olympics 
Year 2024
Name of Host CityParis
MottoGames wide open
Participating AthletesApprox 10,500
Total Number of Events 329
Total Number of Sports32
Opening Ceremony July 26, 2024
Closing CeremonyAugust 11, 2024
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Paris Olympics 2024: Breakdancing Debut and Bidding Process

In the Paris Olympics 2024, the debut of breakdancing will be featured as an Olympic event. This exciting addition marks the first time breakdancing will be included in the Olympic Games, reflecting the evolving and modern nature of the event.

Paris Olympics 2024

The bidding process for the Summer Olympics 2024 saw six candidate cities: Paris, Hamburg, Rome, Budapest, Boston, and Los Angeles. The overall bidding process was influenced by various factors such as withdrawals, deterring costs, and increasing political uncertainty. Ultimately, Paris was elected as the host city at the 131st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session held in Lima, Peru.

Paris Olympics 2024 Dates And Schedule

The Paris Olympics 2024 will include various sports events, ranging from archery to water polo. The complete schedule of the Paris Olympics 2024 is already available on the official website, and individuals can easily download it from the portal. Below is the timetable for the Paris Olympics 2024:

July 24 Football, Rugby
July 25 Archery, Handball
July 26 Opening Ceremony 
July 27 Gymnastics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Diving, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball, tennis, Waterpolo, Shooting, Taekwondo, Judo, and Road Cycling.
July 28 Mountain Bike, Sailing
July 30 BMX Freestyle, Triathlon
August 01Golf, Athletics
August 02Trampoline, Gymnastics
August 05Sport Climbing, Wrestling, Track Cycling, Artistic Swimming
August 06Canoe Sprint
August 07Weightlifting
August 08Modern Pentathlon
August 09 Breaking
August 11Closing Ceremony

Paris Olympics 2024 Venue

Discover the venues for the Paris Olympics 2024 across different metropolitan regions of Paris. The main hub will be the Stade de France, hosting the closing ceremony and various athletics events. Athletes will primarily stay in the Saint-Denis area of Paris City. For more details about the venues, continue reading below:

Stade de FranceAthletics, Rugby Sevens, Closing Ceremony
Yves du Manoir StadiumField Hockey
Paris de La Chapelle ArenaAquatics
Paris de La Chapelle ArenaBadminton, Gymnastics
Le Bourget Climbing VenueSport Climbing
Arena Paris NordBoxing, Modern Pentathlon

Paris Olympics 2024 Qualifications

The Paris Olympics 2024 will feature more than 1800 athletes competing in Forty-Eight different medal events across a range of sports. This includes equal opportunities for male and female athletes in a variety of disciplines such as archery, swimming, and more.

Qualification Criteria

For each event at the Olympics, the National Olympic Committee can qualify a maximum of three athletes. According to the universal rule, if a National Olympic Committee does not have a qualified athlete, they can send the highest-ranked male or female athlete in events like the 100m, 800m, or marathon.

Entry Standards

Athletes must meet entry standards based on their performance in events such as the 2023 World Championships, national championships, and selection trials. These standards are approved by World Athletics within specific timelines to ensure fair qualification processes.

For more detailed information on the qualification criteria and schedules for the Paris Olympics 2024, please visit the official Olympics website.

Paris Olympics 2024 Ticket Prices

According to the organizers of the Paris Olympics 2024, ticket prices for one-third of the sports events will be less than 50 euros, while another third will be priced under 100 euros. Prices for final events will be approximately 980 euros. Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies will range from 45 to 600 euros, depending on the event and seat location. When converted from euros to dollars, ticket prices range from approximately $48 to $1063.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Paris Olympics 2024

What is the Motto of the Paris Olympics 2024?

The Motto of the Paris Olympics 2024 is “Games Wide Open.”

How many events are there in the Paris Olympics 2024?

There are a total of 329 events in the Paris Olympics 2024.

How many athletes will participate in the Paris Olympics 2024?

A total of 10,500 athletes will participate in the Paris Olympics 2024.

What is the Official Website for Paris Olympics 2024?

The Official Website for Paris Olympics 2024 is

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