Who is Srini Pallia, New CEO of Wipro? lets know

Srini Pallia New CEO of Wipro : Srini Pallia has been selected as Wipro’s fresh Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. He’s been with Wipro since 1992 and has served in different top positions, such as President of Wipro’s Consumer Business Unit and Global Head of Business Application Services.

Hey everyone, have you heard the big news? Wipro, the IT giant, has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director! His name is Srini Pallia, and he’s taking on this important role right away. In a statement from Wipro, they mentioned that the current CEO of Wipro, Thierry Delaporte, will be stepping down soon, but he’ll still be around until the end of May to help Srini and Rishad Premji with the transition.

That means they’ll work together to make sure everything goes smoothly during this big change. When asked about his new job, Srini Pallia said, “Wipro is one of those rare companies that combines profit with purpose, and I am truly honored to have been chosen to lead this iconic institution.

New CEO of Wipro Srini Pallia

Srini is not new to Wipro; in fact, he’s been part of the Wipro family for over three decades! That’s a long time, right? Before becoming CEO, Srini held a crucial role as the CEO for Americas, which happens to be Wipro’s largest and fastest-growing strategic market.

During his time as CEO of Americas, Srini did some amazing things. He led different industry sectors and helped set their goals. But that’s not all! He also came up with smart strategies to make sure Wipro grew and became even more successful in the market. And guess what? It worked! Thanks to Srini’s hard work and smart thinking, Wipro’s presence in the market got even stronger.

Another interesting fact is that the New CEO of Wipro Srini Pallia is also a member of the Wipro Executive Board. That means he’s part of the team that makes important decisions about Wipro’s future. Srini Pallia isn’t just Wipro’s new CEO; he’s also a dedicated leader who knows the company inside and out. With his experience and passion, we can expect great things from Wipro in the days to come!

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Srini Pallia Legacy at Wipro!

Let’s know the Srini Pallia Legacy at Wipro. Since he joined the company in 1992, Srini has taken on many important roles, showing his dedication and expertise.

President of Wipro’s Consumer Business

Throughout his time at Wipro, Srini has been a key player in leading the way. He’s been the President of Wipro’s Consumer Business Unit, where he played a crucial role in shaping how Wipro serves its customers. Not only that, but Srini has also been the Global Head of Business Application Services, where he led the charge in developing and delivering top-notch business solutions.

But what sets Srini apart is his deep knowledge of both Wipro and the industry as a whole. Wipro proudly states that Srini brings extensive institutional and industry knowledge to the table. That means he really knows his stuff when it comes to Wipro’s business and what’s happening in the tech world.

Strengths of SriniPallia

One of Srini’s biggest strengths is his ability to lead during times of change. Wipro highlights his proven track record of leadership, especially during significant technological transformations in the industry. That’s a fancy way of saying that Srini knows how to navigate big changes and lead Wipro through them successfully.

Now, as the new CEO of Wipro, Srini Pallia brings all of this experience and expertise to the table. With him at the helm, Wipro is in good hands, ready to tackle whatever challenges come its way and continue to thrive in the ever-changing world of technology.

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Educational qualification of New CEO of Wipro Srini Pallia

Let’s take a closer look at Srini Pallia’s educational journey, which has helped shape him into the leader he is today. Srini holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in management studies, both from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. This means he’s not only skilled in technical matters but also has a solid understanding of management principles.

But Srini didn’t stop there. He’s always been eager to learn and grow professionally. That’s why he’s also completed executive programs at some of the world’s most renowned institutions, including Harvard Business School and the McGill Executive Institute. These programs have equipped him with advanced leadership skills and a broader perspective on global business practices.

Now, as he takes on the role of CEO at Wipro, Srini will be based in New Jersey, USA. From there, he’ll be reporting to Chairman Rishad Premji, who will provide guidance and support as Srini leads Wipro into the future.

Rishad Premji words

Rishad Premji, the Chairman of Wipro Ltd., has expressed his confidence in Srini Pallia’s leadership abilities. He emphasized Srini’s pivotal contribution to Wipro‘s recent transformative journey, particularly in navigating challenging external circumstances. Rishad highlighted Srini’s client-centric approach, growth-oriented mindset, emphasis on strong execution, and dedication to Wipro’s values as key attributes that make him the ideal choice as Wipro moves forward into its next phase of growth and profitability.


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